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5 hours ago

Job Description of an Application Developer You Hardly Knew About

The job description of an application developer comprises various tasks such as writing specifications required for the applications, using programming computer languages and utilizing development tools to design, build, test, implement, and support applications. He works closely with other software professionals such as system analysts and engineers. His role varies as per the industry.

Mobile Application Developer

As the name suggests, he is an expert in developing software and applications that are compatible with mobile phones.

He is responsible for the product life cycle, from concept to development.

He has to be well-versed with cellular technologi

4 days ago

Web Application Security Blog

This FAQ (in the form of a living document, being updated once in a while) covers some questions I've been asked after talking about Java web development application company deserialization vulnerabilities at conferences during the last months.

After the major rise in awareness in 2015, the well-known topic of remote code execution (RCE) during deserialization of untrusted (Java) data has received many new aspects and facets, as new research was performed. Consequently this deepened research led to new findings (gadgets, endpoints, protection attempts, bypass techniques, etc.).

As this fast-paced development in the last months might have left some peoples' questions unanswered, I try to shed some more light on this by providing some sort of FAQ - mainly focussed at developers.

7 days ago

Adobe Systems Inc (ADBE.O) Company Profile

Adobe Systems Incorporated, incorporated on May 9, 1997, is a software company. The Company offers a line of products and services used by professionals, marketers, knowledge workers, application developers, enterprises and consumers for creating, managing, delivering, measuring, optimizing and engaging with compelling content and experiences across multiple operating systems, devices and media. The Company operates through three segments: Digital Media, Digital Marketing, and Print and Publishing. The Company markets and licenses its products and services directly to enterprise customers through its sales force and to end users through application stores and its own Website at

2 weeks ago

10 Gorgeous Modern Mansions (PHOTOS)

With the housing market still languishing under the weight of foreclosures, a mass of "shadow inventory" and high unemployment, not many of us are lucky enough to be picky about the architectural nuances of our homes.

But for every dull cookie-cutter McMansion, there are homes like these. Courtesy of Trulia, one of the most comprehensive real estate sites on the web, we've compiled 10 stunningly modern homes from various cities across the country. The homes range from a eco-friendly gem in one of Chicago's most sought-after neighborhoods to two pricey homes that aren't bashful about their modern styling.

2 weeks ago

App Store vs. Web Apps | Reuters

By Ryan Faas at Computerworld

Apple's App Store approval process has always been a bit controversial because of the level of control the company holds over what types of applications are allowed in. Initially, there were concerns that Apple rejected apps because they duplicated functionality the company already offered or was planning to build into the iPhone OS -- not because the submitted apps wouldn't run according to the company's specifications.

After this winter's purge of apps that could be construed as adult in nature, the controversy ballooned as both developers and consumers objected to Apple imposing its morality on them and limiting free speech. Although Apple argue

3 weeks ago

Web Application Development Company

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3 weeks ago

Web Sites vs. Web Apps: What the experts think

The term "web app" has been around for the past years - we've all heard it and used it more times than we care to remember. Yet there remains a debate on where "web sites" end, and "web apps" begin. Guest author