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2 days ago

Steven Schmidt--information technology specialist and Webmaster.

Editor's note: Over the years, we have been featuring

individual NEHA staff members in NEHA News so that you can get to know

us a little better. This month, we highlight the staff member behind

extension 315.


I have joined NEHA to support its information technology (IT)

infrastructure and to help the association leverage existing and new

technology effectively and efficiently.

I hold a B.S. degree in business management from the University of

Montana and a B.S. degree in information technology from DeVry

University. In my previous positions as an IT professional in multiple

industries, my duties included database application design, Web design,

technical support (software and hardware), and technical writing.

I treasure Colorado for its blue skies, unspoiled mountains, and

rich ecology. Outside work, I enjoy golf, tennis, soccer, hiking,

mountain biking, camping, and alpine activities.

The opportunity to contribute to NEHA is most welcome.

Environmental health issues are more important than ever, and much needs

to be done to advance the agenda and to effect change. Technology is a

critical part of every organization's business activity and will

play an even larger role in the future. For this reason, it needs to be

managed closely. I intend to lend my expertise and skills to support

NEHA's activities in this capacity.

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1 week ago

Adobe Systems Inc (ADBE.O) Company Profile

Adobe Systems Incorporated, incorporated on May 9, 1997, is a software company. The Company offers a line of products and services used by professionals, marketers, knowledge workers, application developers, enterprises and consumers for creating, managing, delivering, measuring, optimizing and engaging with compelling content and experiences across multiple operating systems, devices and media. The Company operates through three segments: Digital Media, Digital Marketing, and Print and Publishing. The Company markets and licenses its products and services directly to enterprise customers through its sales force and to end users through application stores and its own Website at

1 week ago

Technology :: Thumbs Up For Web 2.0

The next big thing that is making waves after the World Wide Web is the so-called Web2.0.

Web 2.0 defines a newer incarnation of the World Wide Web typified by the transition from the typical website hosting HTML/XHTML pages, to a platform that provides a point of presence (sometimes known as a Web portal), from which any of the following interactions may occur.

Web 2.0 is the philosophy of mutually maximizing collective intelligence and benefit for each participant by formalized and dynamic information sharing and creation.

"Web 2.0 is a trend in World Wide Web technology, and web design, a second generation of web-based communities and hosted services such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies, which aim to facilitate creative information sharing, collaboration, and sharing among users." When we talk about Web 2.0, we cannot stop discussing about the way people have welcomed its entry.

With the entry of Web 2.0, there is no doubt that the dimension of business on the internet has changed completely and people have started using the technology to their convenience.

There are many people who eat, drink and sleep on the internet but still not aware of the uses of Web 2.0 and the various Web 2.0 sites.

The first Web2.0 conference that held in 2004 was considered the giant step towards making the Web 2.0 popular. This Web 2.0 conference was in a way the pioneer for many such conferences that followed.

According to our experts there are lots of companies or products that embody these principles in their description of Web 2.0-ness.There are four levels of Web 2.0 applications. To start withLevel-3 applications, the most "Web 2.0 Application"-oriented, only exist on the Internet, deriving their effectiveness from the inter-human connections and from the network effects that it makes possible, and growing in effectiveness in proportion as people make more use of them. Some of the Web 2.0 sites that fall in this category are eBay, Craig list, Wikipedia,, Skype, dodge ball and Ad Sense.

When we talk about Level-2 applications that support Web 2.0, we mean those Web2.0 applications that can operate offline but gain advantages from going online. Flickr is one such Web2.0 site, which benefits from its shared photo-database and from its community-generated tag, database. Next comes Level-1 applications that operate offline but gain features online.

Writely (now Google Docs & Spreadsheets) and iTunes (because of its music-store portion). Level-0 applications work well in offline as well as in online. Map, Yahoo! Local and Google Maps (mapping-applications using contributions from users to advantage can rank as "level 2"). Non-web applications like email, instant-messaging clients and the telephone fall outside the above hierarchy.

When we talk about Web 2.0 Technologies, Web 2.0 tend to foster innovation in the assembly of systems and sites composed by pulling together features from distributed, independent developers (a kind of "open source" development and an end to the software-adoption cycle, the so-called "perpetual beta"). Web 2.0 technology encourages lightweight business models enabled by syndication of content and of service and by ease of picking-up by early adopters.

Web 2.0 marketing is nothing but getting the best out of marketing on the web. Some of the most common Web 2.0 strategies include social Book-marking, RSS marketing, video marketing and Blogging. It involves getting repeated viewers to one web site and this can only be done if we provide the users with quality content.

2 weeks ago

Top child friendly restaurants in Johannesburg (jhb), South Africa, Papachinos, Midrand, Kids

Top child friendly restaurants in Johannesburg, South Africa, Papachinos and other great places

Having two small children can be tough at times, especially so when you add the prospect of having to get them to sit at the table for two hours, that's enough to make even the most well behaved child go loco!

I am finding that like myself, my friends are also building families, and like myself they also find the prospect of worrying after children while at a restaurant unappetizing. When a bunch of my friends and myself want to meet up, we can have around 10 children in tow, aging form 6 months up to 6 years old, I think we strike fear into the heart of many a restaurateur.


4 weeks ago

Web Application Development Company

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Sourcefire Increases Protection for Web Applications with Integrated Vulnerability Assessment and Custom Rule Creation

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), the creator of Snort

1 month ago

CNN - Web development software: Tools of the trade


July 2, 1999

Web posted at: 5:13 p.m. EDT (2113 GMT)

by Paul Ferrill


Federal Computer Week

(IDG) -- It's a modern-day equivalent of the chicken-and-egg riddle: Do most agencies have their own World Wide Web sites because tools have been developed to make it easy to design attractive Web sites? Or were the tools developed to serve the growing popularity of the Web?